• Aubry (Deans Rag Book)

    Aubry (Deans Rag Book)

    Aubry is a gorgeous bear. He is in spectacular condition, and really pops in a hug with his bountiful bright mohair! Scroll down for more details and to click through his photoshoot. Please message should you require any additional information or a video.
  • Bridie (WJ Terry, Rare)

    Bridie (WJ Terry, Rare)

    Bridie is a gorgeous c1910's WJ Terry Bear in the most wonderful old dress. What a joy. Scroll down and click through the photoshoot. Please message if you would like a video. 
  • Corbett (Alpaca, Farnell)

    Corbett (Alpaca, Farnell)

    Corbett is a very cute happy faced Farnell dating to the 1940's. He's made of alpaca and dressed in a cute vintage cardie. Scroll down to click through the photographs or email to request a video. 
  • Elmer  (American)

    Elmer (American)

    Super handsome large American bear. He has such a wonderful shape with hump. Scroll down to click through his photo shoot, and message should you require a video.
  • Elmo (American)

    Elmo (American)

    Elmo is such a cute character, sure to brighten up any hug. Scroll down to click through his photo shoot. 
  • Greta (1920's Bear)

    Greta (1920's Bear)

    Greta is a lovely old bear who has such a pretty shape with lots of character. Scroll down for more details, and to click through her photoshoot. Please email with any questions or if you would like a video. 


We're always interested in buying old, antique and vintage teddies, whatever their condition. Whether you have one bear that you would like to sell, or you want to rehome an entire hug, please get in touch through the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page.