Ottie (Petz)

Ottie dates to Pre 1910 and is a Petz "peanut style" bear. He's in completely original condition and an example of the design can be found in Ken Yenkes Bing book. Scroll down for more details, or email for a video.
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Product information

What a fantastic bear Ottie is!!! He dates to pre 1910 and is one of the earliest German bears made by Petz.

He is what's known as a "Peanut Style" bear .. the reason for this is that his arms and legs are pin jointed, but his head is fixed in position giving him a peanut style shape. He can be found in the Ken Yenke Bing book.

He measures around 11.5 inches tall, is well stuffed with woodwool, and in completely original condition retaining both boot button eyes and facial stitching. He is covered in an even coverage of mohair (excuse the photo of his back - the flash came on!).

I have seen other peanut bears before but they often smaller, and less chunky. This bear is a great size, with a strong muzzle and is lovely to hold - plus he has a very sweet expression.

Boot button eye bears are always an excellent addition to any hug, and Ottie is a great example.

Please note, this item is not a toy, and is suitable for adult collectors only.

Technical specifications

Brand Petz