Roy  (Squirrel)
Roy  (Squirrel)
Roy  (Squirrel)
Roy  (Squirrel)
Roy  (Squirrel)

Roy (Squirrel)

Roy is a very old Squirrel dating to the early part of the 1900's. Click the image for more details, or email to request a video.
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Product information

Introducing Roy. I've affectionately named him Roy after my husbands Grandad who rather didn't like Squirrels so it was always a standing joke, and as this squirrel already has fetching scarf i think the name Roy suits him! :-)

So, Roy is very old and i'm unsure of the date but i would think dating to the earlier part of the 1900's. He's a mystery squirrel most likely made by one of the lead manufacturers of the time based on his build. He measures around 7.5inches tall and is stuffed with kapok. He is covered in an alpaca type tufty mohair and has very pretty wooden bead button eyes.

I think he's lovely and would make a fantastic addition to any hug or indeed for a squirrel collector!

I have always have bears to list so please get in touch if there is a special bear you're looking for .. :-)

Please note this is a vintage toy that is not intended for small children.

Technical specifications

Brand English - likely Farnell