Ruby (Rare, Red, Soldier Bear/Cat?)
Ruby (Rare, Red, Soldier Bear/Cat?)
Ruby (Rare, Red, Soldier Bear/Cat?)
Ruby (Rare, Red, Soldier Bear/Cat?)
Ruby (Rare, Red, Soldier Bear/Cat?)

Ruby (Rare, Red, Soldier Bear/Cat?)

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Ruby is a Rare Old Antique Miniature Red Teddy possibly dating to around 1915-1920, Solider Bear? Click the image for more details, or email to request a video.
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Product information

This is Ruby; an early miniature bear probably dating to around 1915-1920. She's believed to be English and is similar in her design to Farnell's WWI Soldier Bears - so called after they were given as mascots to British troops during World War One - but she may equally be German.

She's in really good condition for her age and her mohair is a beautiful bright red burgundy colour (see last photo), which is very rare to find. As she's only tiny (14cm), so she wasn't designed to have foot or hand pads, or claws, and her only stitching is her nose and mouth. Her little boot button eyes are original and she is hard stuffed, with a fat tummy.

Ruby's body is all one piece, so her legs and neck are unjointed. I believe her arms are not meant to be jointed either, but they just had to be sewn onto her body afterwards to allow them to be stuffed properly - the stitching holding them in place matches that holding the ears on, so I think it's original.

Her ears are very large (comparatively), and are quite pointy. I'm not sure if this is because she's meant to be a cat or simply because rounding them off would have been impossible given their size.

Ruby would make a very special teddy friend, as she deserves to be treasured - she's a stunning little bear.
The photographs form part of the description so please look at them carefully.

She's shown here with her Farnell WW1 Soldier Bear/Cat who are also looking for a purrfect home.

Please note this is a vintage toy that is not intended for small children.

Technical specifications

Brand Likely Soldier Bear