Steiff Bears & Animals

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  • Harvey (Steiff)

    Harvey (Steiff)

    Harvey is a real cutie. He dates to the 1950's and is in lovely condition. Scroll down for more details and to click through his shoot.
  • Mopsy (Steiff)

    Mopsy (Steiff)

    Mopsy is a cute ted, in a pretty biscuit tone. She was made in the 1950's by Steiff and was dressed in a lovely old dress (which likely outdates her). She would settle nicely into any hug. Scroll down more details and to click through the shoot.
  • Pom Pom Zwitscherpaar (Steiff, Rare)

    Pom Pom Zwitscherpaar (Steiff, Rare)

    This is a brilliant little invention from Steiff. The two birds on the seesaw bob up and down and chirp at each other when the bellows are pressed - it's so cute!
  • Steiff Niki Rabbit

    Steiff Niki Rabbit

    Very cute Mid Century Steiff Rabbit. He has the sweetest face and would a lovely addition to any hug. Scroll down to see his details and click through his shoot.